We've been simulating our own industrial applications

Posted by Joe Fitzpatrick on Mar 13, 2019 6:13:48 PM
Joe Fitzpatrick

Here in the UK, adoption of robots for manufacturing is significantly lower than in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the USA.

Whether that's due to worries that robots will take away jobs rather than create them, or simply not enough investment in the sector, we're well aware that many of our potential customers have a complex journey ahead of them.

Just glance at the cover of any of the glossy industry magazines and it looks like just about everyone in the UK is talking about robots. But there's a difference between 'knowing you'll have to start thinking about robots soon' and being ready to implement one on your production line. 🤔The big gap, we think, is actually imagining what kind of work a robot can perform on the shop floor.

So it's been wonderful to work with some of our earliest customers, like Qualitetch - to film some case studies. One thing that's become increasingly clear over the last few weeks has been that nothing beats seeing Eva performing an industrial use case.

So we've started transforming our workshop into a mini production line of our own! 🏭

First we set up a conveyor belt and three Evas, all controlled from a central PLC. Three light gates are also integrated, triggering conveyor movements and robot toolpaths when they detect objects in certain locations.

One Eva controls a Cognex smart inspection camera. It looks for a reference image - in this case, the correct logo and top-of-package design. When a 'faulty' product is detected, another Eva - equipped with a simple vacuum gripper - is instructed to move the object into the 'fail' line.

IMG_20190312_185203We defaced one of the lids with a sharpie, and the Cognex easily recognised that something was amiss. Eva responded accordingly. 😉

The idea is to simulate something like a quality control or product sorting application. Hopefully this gives a clearer idea than ever of how Eva can help by taking care of repetitive processes. 


Robot Arm: Eva!
End-Effector: Single cup vacuum gripper from Active8 Robots 
Camera: Cognex IS7200-11
Light curtains: RS Online  

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