Eva is now more compatible, safe, reliable and priced at £8,000

Posted by Suryansh on Nov 4, 2019 11:00:00 AM

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We began shipping our first robot Eva, nearly a year ago. Over this year, we have successfully shipped robots all over the UK and Europe and worked closely with a number of customers throughout their whole journey, from discovering the right automation strategy to having their automated cell deployed and running. This has helped us learn a lot about our customers and users, and understand the kind of information, help and support they need in getting them up and running successfully with their automation project. 

Our robots have also come a long way in this time. There have been a number of minor and major upgrades to improve our manufacturing quality, overall field performance, reliability, and compatibility with industrial products such as grippers, sensors and PLCs. There have also been major upgrades to the safety systems on the robot such as speed-limited operation, and some major upcoming features such as collision detection.

With all of these improvements in the robot and the support we provide to customers in reaching their automation potential successfully, we are making it even easier and smoother to deploy and integrate automation into your processes. All of this will come at the full price of £8,000 starting today - the most affordable and easy to integrate robot on the market by a mile. 

We look forward to helping you automate.


Suryansh & Mostafa

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