March 2021 product updates

Posted by Caitlin Stanway-Williams on Mar 23, 2021 9:37:21 AM
Caitlin Stanway-Williams


The latest updates and new features from Eva


As we continue on our mission to democratise robotics, we’ve got to ensure that we’re providing the best possible service. That means guaranteeing our robotic arm, Eva, is as usable, effective and innovative as possible. So, we’re always tinkering with the robot, and the Choreograph software too.

Here’s a quick overview of what we’ve been up to over the last month:



Improved Wi-Fi configuration

This month, we’ve worked on making connecting Eva to users’ network WiFi easier. To do this, we’ve enhanced the robot’s ability to detect WiFi networks.

You’ll see that there are now options to connect within a dropdown menu, just like when you’re using devices such as laptops or phones.

With this update, we’ve ensured a much more reliable WiFi connection to the robot, and a more seamless experience for end-users.


[Connecting Eva to the WiFi]


Controlled stop implemented:

The new controlled stop feature prevents the robot from coming to a crashing halt (and does away with the loud noise) by engaging the brakes once the robot comes to a stop.

The controlled stop - which can be enabled by pausing the robot mid-flight, or by engaging the E-stop in newer versions of the robot (which will be released in Q2 2021) - enables the robot to come to a halt within 0.5 seconds and on the same trajectory of the path that the robot was on.

This feature will improve the lifetime of the robot, as well as paving the way for future features like collision detection.


Updates to the Reset to Plane feature:

We’ve also worked on improving the software UX to allow for Eva’s end-effector to be parallel to base (this is handy for pick and place and insertion applications) by adding a button () on the Gizmo and allow for such a movement to be with or without the rotation in Axis 6. 

  • Without the Rotation: This allows for the tool to maintain the direction, and is useful for pick and place, and insertion applications
  • With the Rotation: This is useful for easy creation of grids that are parallel to the X and Y axis of the base of the robot

These improvements make it easier to create grids for Eva, and makes applications like pick and place much more straightforward.



[The improved Reset to Plane feature]




Increased password security

In an effort to guarantee your security while using Eva, we’ve also improved the password policy by increasing the minimum characters from 8 to 32 characters. 

This has the benefit of making passwords more secure, so you know that malicious actors can’t get access to your Eva.



[Setting a new password on your Eva]

Improvements to the AnalogIO

We’ve made improvements to the AnalogIO by enabling the AnalogIOs, both outputs and inputs, on the base of the robot. Previously only the Analog Inputs on the End-Effector were enabled. (Please note for Analog outputs on the base of the robot, only the Voltage mode is operational, not the Current mode).

Users can now also manipulate the IOs within the viewer, making the process of programming a lot less frustrating as you don’t have to toggle between the Viewer and the Dashboard anymore.


Routines live on the API 

In order to make programming toolpaths easier as well as making the timeline less cluttered, we’ve enabled mini-toolpaths (Routines) that users can duplicate and edit within a larger toolpath. This functionality is now enabled via the API, and, in future releases, this will also be available on the GUI as well. 

But more on these changes soon...




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