Announcing a new strategic partnership in Australia

Posted by Oliver Pilsbury-Gaunt on Oct 16, 2020 10:28:03 AM
Oliver Pilsbury-Gaunt


Automata is delighted to welcome Australis Engineering as an exclusive distributor of Eva in Australia.

The Automata team is pleased to announce that after many months of collaboration, Sydney based Australis Engineering and Automata have signed an exclusive partnership deal to bring Eva to the manufacturing ecosystem in  Australia and New Zealand. This is a huge step forward for both companies and addresses a significant gap in the market for lightweight, affordable automation that Automata have been so successful in filling in the UK and Europe.

Since launch in early 2019, Eva has become the affordable solution of choice for the automation of lightweight pick-and-place applications, enabling manufacturers to remove bottlenecks, optimise process cycle times and run additional operational shifts without increasing costs.

Peter Gustafson, Managing Director of Australis Engineering comments: “Our Sales and Automation staff have been incredibly impressed with Eva as well as Automata’s future plans and market approach. We see lots of opportunities at the price point and robot capability that Eva represents. Several conversations with prospective clients already underway suggest there’s some great market potential for Eva.”

Oliver Pilsbury-Gaunt, Partnerships Executive at Automata adds: “We are thrilled to work with such a successful company as Australis Engineering, with over 37 years of experience in automation and material handling it was a natural fit for a strategic alliance to bring Eva to market Down Under. We are looking forward to a long and successful relationship with Peter and his team.” 

If your business is looking for a solution to affordable automation in Australia and New Zealand then please give Peter and his team a call on 02 9707 5888 or visit their website for more information.


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