April 2021 Product Updates

Posted by Caitlin Stanway-Williams on May 10, 2021 4:36:05 PM
Caitlin Stanway-Williams

April 2021 product updates

The latest updates and new features from Eva

We've been hard at work over the past month making all sorts of useful upgrades to Choreograph and Eva. These new capabilities should drastically improve your set-up or modifying your existing automations, by making it even simpler and more flexible.

Here's a quick overview of what our product team have been working on over the past month.


Routines have gone live

Last month, we spoke briefly about our new feature, ‘Routines’, which we developed for two reasons: 

  1. To make toolpaths less cluttered and easier to follow
  2. To remove the need to drag and drop repetitive parts of the toolpath over and over again

These are two of the biggest pain points our customers have brought up, and so we’re really excited to reveal Routines as a solution to these common challenges.

Routines are a collection of waypoints and action blocks that form what are essentially mini-toolpaths. Users can save time spent on toolpaths by making these repetitive actions “Routines” that can be duplicated and inserted multiple times within a toolpath. 

Routines can be:

  • Given individual labels that you then see on the timeline, making the toolpath easier to follow
  • Duplicated and included multiple times on the same toolpath
  • Edited, so that if only one or two points within a longer section are different users can duplicate a routine, edit and rename it 
  • Deleted if it’s no longer needed

Routine blocks can be dragged and dropped easily into the timeline, making programming Eva much easier for users.   


gif routine

[Connecting Eva to the WiFi]

The disconnection bug has been fixed

A number of our customers have complained about getting disconnected while on the Dashboard or the Viewer and sent back to the login page (demonstrated in the error button below). We’ve investigated this bug and found a fix that should prevent this from happening again.

Mac address connection now possible

A number of customers’ IT departments wanted to know the Mac address for Ethernet and WiFi interfaces in order to connect with the company’s network. This is especially useful for customers with multiple robots. 

So we’ve made it possible for users on the GUI to find the Mac address on the Config page, when choosing to connect via Ethernet or WiFi as a separate field. And it’s viewable via the API as well.



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